Medal Group from Prussia, Franco-Prussian War, General Heinrich von Steinmetz, circa 1870-1900.
Medals include Grand Cross of the Franz Joseph Order 1889, 3rd Order of Merit of the Sacred Treasures, Japan, 1896.
Group comprises of 20 orders, decorations and medals together with related signed orders, diplomas and certificates.

Born in Sprotten, Silesia, Germany, General von Steinmetz attended gymnasium in Sagan Cadet School at Wahlotadt and at Berlin, became 2nd Lietenant in 1864 in the Silesian Field Artillery. He was in the Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 as Adjunct in the Field Artillery No. 6 of Silesia and called to the Grand General Staff in 1872 -1875. In 1881 he made Chief of the battery. On leave he went to Greece and carried out there topographical work for the Acadimie of Science. In 1886 he became Major, in 1891 Lieut-Colonel, in 1895 Colonel, in 1896 was in command as Chief of the Cartographical Department; in 1899 he advanced to Major General, in 1902 to Lieutenant General.

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Mounted medal group.

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