White cotton wine cask cover with grapevine print. Made circa late 1960s - early 1970s (based on design and date of wine cask technology). Designed by John Rodriquez, an influential Australian textile designer from the 1950s to 1970s. Screen printed by hand.

Wine casks were invented by South Australian Riverland grape grower Thomas Angove in the early 1960s. Letters patent no. 280826 was issued to his company on 20 April 1965. The method of sealing the plastic bag was not ideal, however, and in 1967 another wine-maker, Penfold Wines, with C H Malpas, patented a plastic tap that was fused into a metallised plastic bag. The wine cask cover HT 12431 has accommodation for this tap, so would date no earlier than 1967.

Physical Description

White cotton cover, with panels stitched to form square shape. Dark blue grapevine print around top. Dark blue edging.


See Narrative 'John Rodriquez Textile Collection'.

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