Software package containing MacWrite and MacPaint and System disks, manuals and other items.

This item was collected as it represents the care taken by Apple in packaging their products. The packaging was attractive, acted as protection and was portable. Apple has excelled in the presentation and packaging of its products throughout its history, a feature that has continued through to current product lines.
Despite a short life span, MacPaint was many people's first GUI-based bitmap editing experience, and became the benchmark by which similar later products were measured.

The original Mac bundle also included MacWrite, a similarly easy-to-use word processor, and pictures from MacPaint could be placed inside MacWrite documents in a few keystrokes. The two applications literally defined user expectations of a GUI-based computer. MacWrite was initially the Word processor of choice for the Macintosh. Its initial use far exceeded that of Microsoft Word. The ability to format and edit changes in a word processing document without programming tags was considered revolutionary. It enabled users to typeset a myriad of type faces colours and sizes without regard for conventional design rules.

This software was bundled with the 512k Macintosh and the MacPlus. It contained the system disks, back up disks and the two major programs, MacWrite and MacPaint.

Part of a representative collection of hardware, software, trade literature and promotional material that documents the history of the Apple company, and its contribution to, and impact on the computer industry and society..

Physical Description

This software package contains a plastic box with two manuals, five disks, an audio cassette tape in crystal case, logo stickers, disk labels and an American power cable. Plastic lidded box (blow moulded) two manuals five 3 1/2 inch 800k disks Apple logo stickers x 3 with "Apple Computer" Apple coloured logo in sealed plastic envelope Spare Disk labels X 2 with Coloured Apple logo Compact cassette tape in Crystal cassette case Power cable (American) Disks with labels as described: 1. Macintosh (TM) SYSTEM DISK 2. Macintosh (TM) SYSTEM AND MACWRITE - MACPAINT BACK-UP 3. Macintosh (TM) MACWRITE - MACPAINT 4. Macintosh (TM) MACWRITE 5. Macintosh (TM) MACPAINT Manuals "Macintosh (TM) MACPAINT" 32 page leaflet "MacWrite(TM)" 144 page spiral bound

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