Apple SCSI cable for connecting peripheral devices, includes male to female adaptor/terminator, introduced in 1986.

SCSI is pronounced 'skuzzy'.

SCSI = Small Computer System Interface.

SCSI is a parallel data transfer and control line system, which enabled what at the time was high speed data transfer between up to seven devices arranged in a daisy-chain configuration. Most importantly this allowed the high speed connection of a hard disk.

Every Macintosh from the Macintosh Plus (1986) onwards was fitted with a SCSI port until it was gradually replaced by the even faster FireWire port from 1993 onwards.

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Physical Description

A multi-core cable terminatd at each end with 50 pin D-type plugs. The cable includes two ferrite RFI suppressors. One terminator is plugged into a SCSI male to female adaptor/terminator.

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