Adobe Photoshop 2.0 was released in June 1991. Adobe Photoshop 1.0 was released in 1990.

Created as a program to manipulate digital images, it quickly became the industry standard, seeing off less comprehensive rivals. It completely changed photo retouching and processing by allowing changes to be made in digital form instead of manually.

As computer hardware developed, more tools and options were added to Photoshop, allowing a wide range of digital effects and enhancements. The plug-in architecture of Photoshop also allowed for extra features to be added, creating a secondary industry supplying specialised filters.

Adobe Photoshop is a bitmap graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems. It is also referred to as an 'imaging tool' for creating and manipulating all types of images. It was used in Macintosh computers before being developed for Windows based machines.

The donor says that Adobe Photoshop changed forever his way of working - it made possible the manipulation of images, which were previously too expensive to change. He said that he could now do in minutes what a trained retoucher, photo lab, scanner operator, combiner and proofer would have taken days or weeks to achieve. He said that a consequence of this is that many clients came to believe that absolutely everything is possible with instant 'Photoshopping'.

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Physical Description

This software package contains a cardboard box with three manuals, five disks, a color chart and a range of leaflets. Three manuals Quick Reference Card Addendum: Distributors Information End User Agreement Five 3.5 inch Disks 3rd Party Software Guide AGFACOLOR gradient chart Disks: 1. "Adobe Photoshop Macintosh Version 2 - Program disk" 2. "Adobe Photoshop Macintosh Version 2 - Calibration disk" 3. "Adobe Photoshop Macintosh Version 2 - Plug-ins disk" 4. "Adobe Photoshop Macintosh Version 2 - Tutorial disk" 5. "Adobe Photoshop Macintosh Version 2 - ATM® disk" Manuals: 1. "Adobe Photoshop Macintosh Version 2 - User Guide " (250 page spiral bound) 2. "Adobe Photoshop Macintosh Version 2 - Tutorial " (88 page spiral bound) 3. "Adobe Photoshop Macintosh Version 2 - Beyond the Basics " (40 page booklet)


Photoshop was responsible for many of the innovations in digital image manipulation that are now commonplace.
"The development of digital image manipulation redefined the photographic post-production industry. It revolutionized the art of photo retouching and processing by streamlining workflows: intricate procedures which took hours or days, and could only be performed by skilled photographers, now became possible for amateur artists. Digital image manipulation has contributed greatly to the world of photography by enabling manipulations that were previously difficult or impossible, and by allowing non-destructive and easily reversible changes to images." Wikipedia - accessed February 2007.

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