Apple iMac, introduced in August 1998 and discontinued in January 1999. This model was known as the Bondi Blue iMac.

Physical Description

Apple iMac - a fully self-contained computer, monitor with a built in tray Loading CD ROM drive . It has a 'Bondi Blue' colour semi transparent casing with grey striped monitor surrounds. The front surrounds has a built in microphone above the screen, and built in stereo speakers on lower front, either side of the CD drawer. A panel opens on the right hand side of the casing, that allows access to a connection hub panel. This hub comprisies of a microphone input, speaker output, two USB connectors, one either net connector, and telephone input for the internal modem. It also includes a reset and abort pin hole button, usually accessed with a standard paper clip. An indentation in the top of the case allows the computer to be lifted and carried. On the underside of the casing is a fold out bracket to raise the level of the computer.

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