Publication titled 'Australian War Museum: The Relics and Records of Australia's effort in the Defence of the Empure, 1914-18', printed in 1925 at which point the war museum was based in Sydney, having recently left its original location in the Eastern Machinery Annexe of the Exhibition Building, Melbourne, where it had opened on Anzac Day, 1922.

The Australian War Museum was located at the Exhibition Building between 1921 and 1925 before it moved to Sydney where it was housed in the Exhibition Building in Prince Alfred Park. It remained there until closing in 1935, by which time construction had commenced on a purpose-built Australian War Memorial in the new national capital, Canberra. The new building was opened by the Governor-General, Lord Gowrie, on Remembrance Day, 11 November 1941.

Physical Description

Soft-covered book with a sepia toned illustration of a soldier in battle dress with his rifle and bayonet ready for action. Catalogue comprises 92 pages of printed descriptions of exhibits with illustrations. Black and white photographs of the display cabinets are interspersed through the booklet. There is also a plan of the museum inserted in the back of the Guide. On the back cover is a map showing the location of the Museum within the Exhibition Building complex in Carlton Gardens.

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