'Fire Brigade The Battle for Kiev 1943' is a computer game on one 3½ inch floppy disk with three booklets in a cardboard box in a sleeve. It was introduced in 1988.

This is a two player game, in which a player (playing either side) can play against the computer or human opponent. The player controls the Russian or German forces in the battle for Kiev, for example, the 7th Panzer division. There are various skill levels and range of scenarios. The game can be played over a network - this was innovative for its time.

This object was collected because it was designed and produced in Australia, developed by Panther Games Pty Ltd. According to Panther Games, 'Fire-Brigade was a step up from existing war games, being one of the first to take full advantage of the new graphical mouse driven interfaces that 16bit computers were making available'.

It was also collected because it is representative of the use of the graphic user interface (GUI) introduced in 1983, even though the game itself was released in 1989.

In 1983, the donor's parents gave him an Apple II Europlus. He used it for essays, medical school assignments and games. He became especially interested in war games.

Part of a representative collection of hardware, software, trade literature and promotional material that documents the history of the Apple company, and its contribution to, and impact on the computer industry and society.

Physical Description

A white cardboard box in printed coloured sleeve. The booklet: Player manual is 64 pages, a scenario booklet of 24 pages, a supplement of 4 pages and one floppy disk.

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