A computer game on one floppy disk with a booklet and marketing papers in a cardboard box in a sleeve.

Tetris is a falling-blocks puzzle video game that was designed and programmed in Moscow in 1984. Its developer has said that he was inspired by pentominoes. The name is derived from the Greek 'tetra' meaning 'four'.

The game 'Tetris - The Soviet Challenge - 1987 and 1988' was collected because it was one of the first games available for computers. It became a classic and was released for the Macintosh platform in 1987. It was also produced for use on other computer platforms: Apple IIgs, Amiga and Atari ST and on the iPhone. It includes Russian music for mood setting.

It was also collected as an example of games software and because it is representative of the use of the graphic user interface (GUI) introduced in 1983, even though the game itself was released in 1987. The GUI gave developers increased scope for graphics, in this case, for tumbling blocks.

Part of a representative collection of hardware, software, trade literature and promotional material that documents the history of the Apple company, and its contribution to, and impact on the computer industry and society.

Physical Description

A white cardboard box in printed cardboard sleeve. One 3 1/2 inch floppy disk and one booklet, "Players guide" and 4 sheets of paper.

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