MacDraft version 1.2 (by Innovative Data Design, Inc) is a two dimensional drafting package. MacDraft was introduced in 1985.

MacDraft is part of the evolution of vector drawing programs, which began with MacDraw. It is a precursor to Adobe Illustrator. In a vector program, objects are stored as mathematical equations and can thus be resized, reshaped and repositioned. It is to be differentiated from bitmap 'painting' programs such as MacPaint, where there are no such things as objects, merely 'paintings' comprising pixels which are 'on' or 'off'.

MacDraft was the first Macintosh software to provide dimensions of the objects being manipulated. MacDraft was a program which allowed more accurate object-oriented drawing than possible with MacDraw. It preceded other precision object-oriented drawing programs such as ArchiCAD. An object-oriented drawing program is one in which objects such as rectangles and circles can be drawn and manipulated.

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Innovative Data Design MacDraft, version1.2 software package consisting of MacDraft User's Manual MacDraft User's Manual Supplement for version 1.2 3.5 inch disks

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