MacTerminal lets the Macintosh computer take on the characteristic of a terminal, while retaining its power as a computer. The basic job of a computer terminal is to send and receive information from another computer. MacTerminal was originally introduced in 1984; this version was introduced in 1990.

MacTerminal is a communications and terminal emulation application that makes it possible to establish connections from a Macintosh computer to other computers using direct connection, local area network or the public telephone network.

MacTerminal package includes a full set of communications tools (software), which fall into three categories: connection tools, terminal emulation tools and file transfer tools.

This type of program eliminated the need to own proprietary terminals. MacTerminal was commonly used to connect to IBM and DEC servers and HP mini computers with a terminal window, and emulate their use remotely.

Early public bulletin boards were run on servers run by universities, accessible remotely on the Macintosh computer using MacTerminal.

It was collected because it is representative of the use of the graphic user interface (GUI) introduced in 1983. This version was released in 1990, but the original application was released in 1984.

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Manual and two floppy disks

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