The plastic floppy-disk-like object was inserted into a floppy disk drive during transit to protect the heads that read 3½ inch floppy disks. The protector was originally inserted by the manufacturer before transportation.

From about 1986-1991, the donor used to carry a Macintosh Plus in a carry bag from his workplace in the City of Melbourne to the nearest railway station on the City Loop, and upon arrival at his destination, about 1.5 kilometres from the suburban railway station to his home. This was not an uncommon practice at the time and evidences the portability, though limited, of the computer and its penetration into working life as a working tool. Laptop computers were yet to arrive, but were not far away. The yellow plastic disk was always inserted into the floppy disk drive to protect the heads in the drive during transit.

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Physical Description

A yellow moulded plastic floppy-disk shaped object with a hole

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