Booklet, dated 1991, contains guidelines for creating professional-looking documents with a LaserWriter.

The GUI interface of the Macintosh empowered all users to typeset and publish all kinds of graphic and printed material. This booklet was produced to help people achieve results similar to traditional printing when printing to an Apple LaserWriter. Many of the first users of Desktop Publishing technology understood the potential but did not understand the principles of layout, formatting and font selection.

The donor says that the evolution of publishing to full colour and later to electronic .pdf files began with the introduction of PostScript laser printers. Books such as this one represent the arrival of new graphics capabilities on personal computers epitomised by the Apple Macintosh, the LaserWriter and the Apple Scanner. They allowed a non-specialist to take text, photos and graphics and produce a publishable printed product.

The donor used this book for many years after buying his first Apple LaserWriter printer around 1992, when he produced Annual Reports for a Community Legal Service, a consumer newsletter for Telstra, and a monthly social justice newsletter called Greenshoots. He regarded the book as an excellent introduction to the basics of good design for documents, especially black and white or greyscale documents, at a time when full colour printing was not attainable on personal computers.

Part of a representative collection of hardware, software, trade literature and promotional material that documents the history of the Apple company, and its contribution to, and impact on the computer industry and society.

Physical Description

A booklet of 78 pages bound by two staples

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