Newsletter titled 'Good Morning' issued to passengers on the P&O Ship 'Strathaird', and dated 26 June 1960. The newsletter details daily entertainments, drills, dining, facilities, church services, games, port of call information, points of interest, dances, parties etc. These newsletters were issued daily by staff to the cabin. They were an important part of life on board and informed passengers of facilities, what they could do on a day to day basis and details of ports of call.

This is one of a set of Newsletters collected by Val Himmelreich (nee McMinn) when she migrated to Australia from Northern Ireland on the Strathaird. Val was 14 at the time and she made the journey with her parents, Frederick and Mary McMinn, her brother and his wife and children. The Strathaird departed from Southampton on 10 June 1960 and arrived in Melbourne on 10 July 1960. The McMinn's decided to migrate on the advice of two of Val's older brothers who were already living in Melbourne and wrote home saying what a great place it was.

Physical Description

Two pages of paper with letterhead in black and red print. Daily details in black type.

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