Poster promoting Aboriginal involvement in education produced by the Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Employment, Education and Training. Titled 'Nganampa manta lingkitu ngaluntjaku: To hold our land firmly', the depicted painting was created by Sarah Napangati Bruno, Paul Tjampitjinpa Bruno, Monica Nangala Robinson, and Victor Tjungurrayi Robinson from Walungurru (Kintore) Northern Territory in direct response to a question posed at the 1989 Australian Curriculum Studies Association national conference: Which way for the Australian curriculum? Text below painting reads: 'This is a Pintupi story about their experience with schooling. The journey is represented through the tracks of feet moving from one section of the painting to another. Each section refers to a different time, starting from the centre and following the tracks from the north-west (top left), to the north-east, south-east and south-west. Yanangu is the Pintupi word for Aboriginal and Walypala refers to non-Aboriginal people. Nganampa manta lingkitu ngaluntjaku: To hold our land (language, culture) firmly.'

Physical Description

Colour ink on glossy paper. Title: 'National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy'. Features a painting with explanatory text below, and printed text in Pintipi and English to the left.


National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy

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