Apple Power Macintosh G3 with keyboard and mouse. The model was known as the 'blue and white tower'. The model was introduced in January 1999 and manufacturing ceased in August 1999.

The innovative elegant blue and white plastic tower case of the G3 Power Macintosh made a strong design statement about the 'think different' nature of Apple products at a time when other manufacturers cranked out beige boxes. The blue and white case was not only good looking, but also had a very practical hinged side, giving easy access to all internal components.

The CPU, keyboard, mouse and power cord were colour co-ordinated and allowed third party product development for accessorising personal work spaces e.g. stationery, lamps and desk caddies. The keyboard, mouse and power cord were made from a translucent material - a marketing ploy to make consumers feel that the items were 'honest'.

A leap forward in speed for calculation-intensive tasks like photographic image manipulation was provided by the PowerPC G3 processor at up to 450 MHz with an optional gigabyte of RAM. A more advanced graphics card supported a large external colour monitor at high resolution. The blue and white tower had the hardware to connect with a huge variety of storage media and devices, such as CD/DVD, Zip drive, and modem,

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Computer 'box' Keyboard Mouse Power cord

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