Poster promoting the role and work of the state government organisation, The Victorian Archaeological Survey (VAS), in protecting Aboriginal rock art sites located in Victoria. Printed text reads: 'At art sites Aborigines have produced designs on natural rock. Motifs were mainly produced by engraving the surface of the rock or by applying ochre and charcoal to the rock surface. More than 120 rock art sites have been recorded in Victoria. The function of Victorian rock art is not known, but in other areas of Australia it is associated with ceremonies and mythology. The Victorian Archaeological Survey helps to protect rock art sites.' Originally known as the Archaeological and Aboriginal Relics Office, VAS conducted surveys and excavations of historical, maritime and Aboriginal archaeological sites, including rock art sites, across the state. VAS compiled lists of known archaeological sites and produced numerous reports on Victoria's archaeological history, site specific surveys as well as technical reports and guides. In the early 1990s, Aboriginal Affairs Victoria took over the management of Aboriginal archaeological sites.

Physical Description

Colour ink on paper. Title: 'Victorian Archaeological Survey: Understanding the Past'. Features a photograph of rock art against a white background; printed text in reddish-brown.

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