Form 8 for reply by person in response to an objection to their enrolment. From the records of Mrs Annie Kemp, widow of World War I soldier Private Albert Kemp, who was killed in action in World War I on 21 September 1917.

The form advises that a 'Revision Court to deal with the attached notice of objection' will be held at Caulfield on 3 May 1918. It adds that the objection will not be proceeded with if the person objected to can 'furnish the Electoral Inspector with evidence as to still possessing the necessary qualification in the Electoral District named in the notice.' Unfortunately that was not possible in the case of Albert Kemp. The form has not been completed.

Physical Description

Single sheet of pale blue paper, printed on both sides. Partially completed with purple ink stamps on both sides which provide date, places and name. Lines in main body of form remain blank, as if unused.

More Information