Newman & Guardia Universal camera model Special B for 3 1/4" x 4 1/4' glass plates, circa 1900.
Box camera with reddish brown leather-covered body, black leather bellows. The Special B has double extension bellows, two view finders - one on the top and one on the side - and two T-shaped spirit levels alongside each viewfinder. The lens is a Carl Zeiss numbered 76986. This type of camera was commonly referred to as a Detective Camera because the lens was 'concealed' within a body which was in many cases made to look like a despatch box.

Newman & Guardia was founded in 1893 by Arthur Samuel Newman and Julio Guardia. Newman was responsible for the design of the cameras [he owned patents for his shutter designs] and Guardia managed the business side of the company.

Physical Description

Rectangular box camera with bark brown leather caovered body, black bellows and metal lens plate.

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