Colour digital photograph taken at the 1993 Tallangatta Women on Farms Gathering. This photograph depicts the audience participation in the final celebration of the Gathering's theme 'Unity with Diversity', held on Sunday morning at the Women on Farms Gathering, Tallangatta, 4th April 1993. As part of this final 'multi faith' celebration, committee member Barbara Richards led a meditation on spirituality in women's lives. Another committee member Elaine Paton then read a modified prayer 'The Wire Fence', written by French priest Michael Quoist. This picture shows the women holding hands to make ' the fence'.

The prayer 'The Wire Fence' by Michael Quoist:

The wires are holding hands around the holes;
To avoid breaking the ring,
They hold tight the neighbouring wrist,
And it's thus that with holes they make a fence.

Creator, there are lots of holes in my life.
There are some in the lives of my neighbours.
But if you wish we shall hold hands,
We shall hold very tight
And together we shall make
A fine roll of fence to adorn Australia.

Part of Museums Victoria's Invisible Farmer Project Collection. The Invisible Farmer Project was the largest ever study of Australian women on the land, uncovering the histories and stories of Australian women in agriculture. It began as a pilot project (2015-2016) and evolved into a three year (2017-2020) nation-wide partnership between rural communities, academic, government and cultural organisations, funded by the Australian Research Council..

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Audience members holding hands during the Sunday morning celebrations at the 1993 Tallangatta Women on Farms Gathering.

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Digital colour photograph.

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