Poster (handbill) promoting the film 'beDevil' written and directed by Tracey Moffatt in 1993. The reverse provides outlines of the film's three stories: Mr Chuck; Choo Choo Choo Choo; and, Lovin' The Spin I'm In. Moffatt's debut film and the first feature directed by an Australian Aboriginal woman, 'beDevil' is a trilogy of childhood mysteries, whose characters are haunted by their past and memories.

Physical Description

Information leaflet; two-sided, colour ink on paper. Title: 'beDevil when the unexplained happens'. Features a purple linear design at centre. Background features an orange washed photograph of a woman's head and shoulders in lower portion; printed text in orange and white. The reverse features five text panels on white background.


beDevil when the unexplained happens

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