Lazy Kate from the countermarch floor loom, used to hold bobbins while plying. The Countermarch Floor Loom was made for Anna Apinis by fellow survivors of World War II, in Memmingen, a displaced persons camp in Germany with wood scavenged from bombed-out ruins. It was designed by Anna's husband Ervins. Anna used the loom to weave traditional Latvian designs using threads gathered by unraveling old scraps of fabric. Anna brought the loom with her to Australia and continued to weave Latvian designs on it.

Physical Description

Wooden frame comprising a rectangular base with two vertical ends. A round metal rod is inserted through the ends, parallel to the base. The rod features a hooked end, which fits into a metal brake band at one end. A reel of black cotton is inserted onto the rod, with a white plastic clothes peg clipped on. There is a worn marking and holes on the base where another piece was once attached.

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