Certificate No. 334002 issued by the Commonwealth of Australia to Mary Louey Gung, Chinese, of Ascot Vale, dated 4 April 1953. Mary arrived in Melbourne from Hong Kong on the ship Shansi in 1947, with her husband Samuel and two children Jeffrey and Phyllis. Her name at this time is recorded on her vaccination certificate as Mark Wai Kwua. The Gung family collection documents their experiences of immigrating and living in Australia from the 1920s to the 1960s and the gradual easing of the White Australia policy.

Mary was married to Samuel Gung, who was born in Australia to Chinese parents. They remained in Australia after migrating in 1947, having four more children here. They were greatly assisted in immigration matters by Auther Calwell, then Immigration Minister, and a friend of the family.

Physical Description

Blue card cover with black printed text and Commonwealth logo. Inside are nine paper pages with black printed text. Personal details are written in blue pen. There are two Department of Immigration stamps and a black and white portrait image of Mary Louey Gung.

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