Postcard transparency with printed colour-tinted photograph of two children standing in front of a christmas tree. They are surrounded by toys that include a rocking horse, doll, ball, marching snare drum and pram.

Image has hidden feature of Father Christmas figure that can only be seen when viewed against light. To the left of the tree is a dark silhouette of Father Christmas holding a sack on his shoulder with a doll in it.

Postcard has handwritten correspondence on reverse. It is addressed to Master H. Baldwin and dated 24 December 1907.

Physical Description

Printed colour photograph of an interior scene with two children standing in front of a decorated Christmas tree. The girl holds a ball and the boy wears a marching snare drum. They are surrounded by toys. Printed text in black ink along top and bottom edges. Reverse features handwritten text in faded black ink. Also bears green half penny stamp in top right corner that has been franked with a circular black stamp. Green printed text along top edge and on left side.

More Information