This is a forme, namely a metal frame filled with type for printing. The empty frame is known as the chase. The chase filled with a job for printing is known as the forme. Setting type by hand is known as 'composing the type'. The type is taken letter by letter and placed into a 'setting stick' -- a wood or metal tray held in one hand and the words are built into lines of type of a set width. The lines are then put together to make a page inside a metal frame called a "chase". Spaces in amongst the page are filled with wooden or metal "furniture". The furniture is level with the surfaces of the type blocks so as not to pick up any ink. The spaces between the chase walls and the page are filled with expandable "quoins". Quoins, when tightened, lock all the type and furniture securely within the chase (now called a "forme"). The forme is placed on the press and printing commenced.

Physical Description

Rectangular frame made of metal containing type.

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