From a photograph album created by Sergeant John Lord, documenting his time in Egypt during World War I. The album was created in a lined notebook/diary type book and John Lord completely filled the album with photographs. All of the photographs are numbered and in pencil he has written captions around many of the photographs. A few of the early photographs are dated 1915. Many of the photographs depict camps, local people, street scenes, fellow soldiers at rest, horses, ambulances, hospitals and camels.

Description of Content

Indian and Australian soldiers, in a long line, are collecting water in buckets and washing things. The water is coming from taps attached to a metal pipe suspended over a very long low narrow platform. The Indian soldiers all seem to be hatless and most seem to be naked above the waist. The Australian soldiers are without their jackets, exposing their braces, have rolled up their sleeves and still wearing their hats. In the background are tall palm trees.

Physical Description

Black and white photograph.

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