Black and white photograph of Hay Day at Junee, New South Wales, 1956.

Part of the H.V. McKay Old Archive. Documents include photo albums, photographs, negatives, duplicate parts and service manuals, price books, company publications, financial and production records, plans, maps and factory photographs.

Description of Content

Hay Day at J.V. Jellet's Farm and Station Supplies shop, Junee, New South Wales, 1956. A crowd stand in a room around a table and face the camera, the image having been taken from a high viewpoint in the room. The table is covered with teapots, cups, food and flowers. Two Sunshine Massey Harris representatives stand to the left near an open side door. A promotional sign hangs from the ceiling (facing backwards). Metal wiring, chains and supplies hang from the side wall and are also stacked up against it. Two employees are wearing Massey Ferguson uniforms: white trousers and tie. First on left front: Geoff Taylor, son of Headlie Shipard Taylor. Third on left front: Don McKay, Advertising and Sales Promotion, the last of the McKay family to be employed by the company. Rear right: Charlie Shaw, McKay salesman, sold many hundreds of McKay headers, more than any other salesman.

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Black and white photograph.

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