Alternative Name(s): Hat badge, Insignia

Australian army brass 'rising sun' hat badge, worn on the upturned side of a slouch hat or collar. As this badge is relatively small at 25mm wide it is more likely to be a collar badge.

The badge is part of the Nowell Collection. Clifford Henry Nowell, Able Seaman (A.B.), World War I service number 1586, was born on 15 March 1894 at Camperdown, Victoria. He joined the Royal Australian Navy at the age of 18, on 15 April 1912, and served during World War I. He was stationed on the Australia from June 1913 to April 1918, then was briefly stationed in a London depot before serving on other ships. He was discharged on 19 July 1919.

The rising sun hat badge has been used by the Australian army since 1902; however, the badge has undergone seven different design phases. This particular badge is an example of the third design phase which was in use during both World Wars I and II, and was designed in 1904. Today the Australian army wears the seventh design of the rising sun badge which was produced in 1991.

Physical Description

Brass badge featuring a semi-circular rising sun set behind a royal crown and a 'banner' bearing the inscription "Australian Commonwealth Military Force". It has two lug fittings on the back with a pin threaded through.

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