Black and white photograph of two Sunshine Push Harvesters in a field, circa 1906.

Part of the H.V. McKay Old Archive. Documents include photo albums, photographs, negatives, duplicate parts and service manuals, price books, company publications, financial and production records, plans, maps and factory photographs.

Description of Content

Two Sunshine Push Harvesters in field. Two men work with the front harvester that has six horses attached; horses have canvas covers down the front of their noses to protect their eyes from dust. A man on the side of the machine is filling grain bags. A man is standing on a platform behind the horses holding harness. Two men undertake similar duties on the rear harvester which has four horses in view; these horses have no protection from dust. A man riding a horse is to the left of the front harvester.

Physical Description

Black and white photograph. Stamp on reverse in purple ink.

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