The album contains photos and postcards of people, settings and items of material culture from a number of locations in Papua (and possibly New Guinea). A number of postcards feature photos by Frank Hurley, and some appear to be associated with E.W.P. Chinnery. Some photos have dates inscribed such as 1910 and 1922. An undated, handwritten note found with the album notes - 'From Miss Jean McPetrie'. The are a small number of postcards in the album addressed to Miss McPetrie, St Kilda, Melbourne. The back of some photos are inscribed 'From Robt. Neill Esq/ for E.W.P. Chinnery/ Loc. N.Guinea', and dated 3.3.22.

Physical Description

Photograph album with a thick beige coloured cover. Green and orange-red border decoration. Album contains green sheets, precut to hold photograph corners, however photo corners also used. Printed lettering: 'Album', and 'Made in Germany' (bottom right corner). Many photos are loosely held in place as the mounts are damaged.

More Information