Decca label portable hornless wind-up gramophone in leatherette-covered carrying case. Made in London circa 1920. It was donated to Museums Victoria by Batman Radio in 1962.

This gramophone was one of the first models to do away with the conventional horn, which was replaced by a silver dish-shaped sound board. Its type is sometimes known as the 'trench gramophone', as it became popular with World War I soldiers during service due to its portability.

Barnett Samuel and Sons manufactured the portable 'Dulcephone' gramophone, sold under the trade name 'Decca, from 1914.

Physical Description

Decca portable hornless gramophone in leatherette-covered carrying case with handle, with lift-up lid which contains playing head and a concave silver sound resonator. Motor and turntable in lower half. Felt-topped turntable. Speed control. Separate winding handle which would be inserted into side of case.

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