Piece of Shimotsuke paper made in Japan circa 2007. It is an example of the types of materials used by Masumi Hiraga Jackson for making Shimotsuke-paper dolls.

Shimotsuke-paper doll making requires delicate and refined work. The body of a doll is made from paper and cotton, and then it is dressed with many layers of individually prepared paper kimono and pasted together with glue. The art of paper doll making dates back prior to the 10th century. They were first produced as a cleansing process made to remove bad aura away from people. Shimotske is a hard wearing fibrous paper hand-rolled and dyed by a family business in Japan (the sole supplier of this paper in Japan) from whom Masumi directly orders the paper.

Physical Description

Flat piece of finely pleated and textured paper. The paper is dyed with bands of green and blue, which bleed into each other.

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