Letter from T.H. Garrett to Dr W. Maloney, dated 9 January 1940. It relates to the granting of Australian visas for Robert Salter parents'. Salter migrated to Australia from Austria, fleeing Vienna just before the German annexation of Austria in 1938.

Robert had applied for residency in Australia 5 months before leaving Vienna but could not wait for approval as he was in danger of being arrested, however when he arrived in Brisbane he found that his application for residency had been rejected. With the help of William Maloney, a federal Member of Parliament who befriended him, Robert was finally able to obtain permits for himself, as well as for his parents, his fiancee Ida and his friend who had accompanied him on the journey.

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Typed letter headed Commonwealth of Australia, Department of the Interior, Canberra, ACT, from T.H. Garrett to Dr W. Maloney MP, Melbourne, dated 9 January 1940. It refers to a telephone conversation on 22 December 1939 regarding the admission to Australia of Robert Salter's parents. It confirms the despatch of a cablegram to the British Passports Control Officer in Belgium, renewing their landing permit and granting their Australian visas.

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