Portable cream coloured AM radio with a brown vinyl cover, earpiece and strap, in original box.

Physical Description

The brown rectangular box contains a cream plastic radio in a brown vinyl cover with strap and a white plastic plug-in style earpiece. There is a piece of card inserted in the cover with handwritten numbers on it, possibly dates of when battery was changed. Inside the box there is a guarantee and an invoice.

More Information

  • Collecting Areas

    Information & Communication

  • Date Manufactured

    circa 1971

  • Inscriptions

    Box lid:' SIX TRANSISTOR RADIO', 'A A / R / MELBOURNE', 'POCKET AM RADIO / SOLID STATE / MODEL 604' Inside box:'Your BATTERY / and EARPHONE', 'GUARANTEE [several lines of printed text]' Vinyl cover:'HONG KONG' Receipt:'McEwans / Means a Million Things / $ 08.95TL / S.D. 3094 (170) / 8 5 2 4 28 APR 71'

  • Classification

    Communications, Radio, Receivers

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Type of item


  • Overall Dimensions

    142 mm (Length), 87 mm (Width), 38 mm (Height)
    Dimension above are for the box. The radio dimensions are 110 mm long x 72 mm width x 35 mm depth.

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