This is a copy of an invoice from Wolfgang Sievers Pty Ltd to Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd, 28 August 1964, for photography work that renowned modernist photographer Mr Wolfgang Sievers undertook of the newly completed Kodak manufacturing site in Coburg. It is annotated with an inscription, 'approve' with the signature of Mr Sanderson, the project manager of the construction of the new factory.

Construction of the Kodak factory complex in Coburg began in 1957 on 23 hectares of former farmland. Since 1908, Kodak had been operating from its factory in Abbotsford and had gradually outgrown the premises. The Abbotsford factory remained operational while the Coburg plant was being built, but the Abbotsford site finally closed in 1966. Architect Harry Norris of H A & F L Norris & Associates, created the design for the new factory and individual buildings for the manufacture of silver halide photographic products. The building contract was awarded to Lewis Constructions Pty Ltd. The still uncompleted complex was officially opened on 14 April 1961 by the Prime Minister, Robert G. Menzies with Dr. A Chapman, President of Eastman Kodak Company, in attendance. The complex was the national headquarters of Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd.

The invoice was for a total of £271.16.11 including sales tax, and was for Invoice Numbers BC - 6 to 9, relating to Mr Sievers' orders 23, 33 and 76. These were for preliminary inspection of the new Kodak Administration Building and detailed planning for black and white, and colour, photographs. Some of the photographs were taken for the factory architects, HA & FL Norris & Associates.

The black and white photography charged for on this invoice are - Computer Room with and without staff; Technical Services Department, the Studio; Printers Darkroom; Printers Model Workshop; Lecture Theatre. The colour photography included Administration floor (view from reception towards general office area; Administration floor (view of reception area looking towards lift passage); Ground floor foyer, night view from commemorative plaques looking towards staircase; Ground floor foyer, night and day views from plants looking towards window wall; Exterior from near Canteen entrance. Other exteriors were postponed until landscaping was completed and grass grown. Thirty one 10 x 8 black and white enlargements were also charged for in the invoice.

The invoice notes that the colour photography 'represented an unusual number of problems solved with two nights of experimental colour photography using the new Ektacolour 'L' film to overcome difficulties caused by the Architects lighting and colour arrangements.' The photography work was done in close co-operation with Mr C Williams. The invoice states that 'A number of consultations were required with extensive re-arrangement of furniture and plant decorations.'

The bottom of the invoice promotes Mr Sievers work, noting he specialised in 'industrial, illustrative and architectural photography, brochures, exhibitions, murals, and export promotion.

Physical Description

Photographic copy of invoice, consisting of two pages stapled together.


This invoice is significant because it documents some of the photography work that industrial photographer Wolfgang Sievers was commissioned to produce for Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd's new modernist factory in Melbourne in the early 1960s. The invoice also provides insight into the way that Mr Sievers worked. Mr Sievers notes on the invoice that 'extensive re-arrangement of furniture and plant decorations' occurred during the colour photography, to overcome lighting and colour difficulties. This information contributes further to existing understandings of how the renowned Mr Sievers constructed and composed his photographs of industry, moving past straight documentation to create works of art.

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