Alternate Name: Verge paper

Satin watch paper bearing the printed verse 'The Wish of a Friend", 19th century.

Physical Description

Circular satin material. Front, printed text in black ink.

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    Science & Measurement

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  • Inscriptions

    Front, printed, "THE WISH / OF A / FRIEND. / Wherever you dwell, may content be your lot / And friendship, like ivy, encircle your cot, / And may each rosy morn, drest in mantle of peace, / Shed health o'er your cottage, your blessings / increase. / [success ; / May your honest endevours be crown'd with / May you always live happy, ne'er witness distress; / On your humble roof may these blessings descend, / 'Tis a wish free from guile-'tis the wish of a friend.".

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    Horology, Watches, Accessories

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    52 mm (Width), 52 mm (Height)

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    Watch Accessories, Watch Papers, Watches, Horology