Medal commemorating the sinking of S.S. Lusitania by Germany in 1915.
Original German iron medal dated 5 May 1915.

The RMS Lusitania was a British Ocean Liner that was operated by the Cunard Line between Liverpool and New York. As part of an agreement with the British government, the Lusitania was designed to be converted into an Auxillery Cruiser in times of war. Although converted for use by the Royal Navy at the outbreak of World War I, she was found to be too expensive to run and was used as a passenger and cargo transport.

The Lusitania was sunk off the coast of Ireland by a German U-boat on 7 May 1915, with a tragic loss of life. Of the 1,959 people on board, 1,198 died.

Obverse Description

The Lusitania sinking with an aircraft and cannon on her deck; around above, KEINE BANN WARE! (translation : No contraband!); in exergue, DER GROSSDAMPFER LVSITANIA DURCH EIN DEUTCHES TAVCHBOOT VERSENKT 5 MAI 1915 (translation: The great steamship Lusitania has been sunk by German submarines 5 May 1915).

Reverse Description

Death selling tickets from the Cunard office to a crowd of men, one of whom is reading a paper which warns of U-boat activity; around above, GESCHAFT VBER ALLES (translation: buisness above all); in exergue the artist's initials KG (Karl Goetz).

Edge Description


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