Returned From Active Service badge which was issued to Cpl. Laura Lawson, VFX 126851 by the Commonwealth Government. The badge dates from World War II, 1939-1945.

Born in St Kilda in 1915, Laura Lawson enlisted in 1943 in the Australian Army Women's Medical Services (service number VFX126851). She was discharged on 24 Feb 1947, at the rank of Corporal. She was Mentioned in Dispatches twice: for her 'Distinguished services South-West Pacific Area'; and for 'Exceptional service in the field S.W.P. area.

VFX: 'V' stands for Victoria, indicating an enlistment in Victoria; 'F' stands for Female. (It appears that the original intention was to indicate nurses who served in Australia or Papua-New Guinea, but evidence indicates that this was not consistently applied. Many women who served in the Army have the F prefix but were not nurses; conversely, some nurses do not have the F prefix.) 'X' indicates service in the 2nd Australian Imperial Force.

Physical Description

A moulded metal badge with a two hole lug attached at the rear, and a split pin. On the obverse, a boomerang with embossed text, an anchor, a rising sun with rays radiating outwards and wings are surmounted by a Tudor Crown (otherwise known as a King's Crown). The badge has voided sections in the crown, and around the anchor. The badge is soiled and tarnished. There is a white and dark grey patina on the reverse around the lug.

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