Black and white postcard, "Market Near the Sultan Hassan Mosk[sic]" featuring a photograph of a market in Cairo, Egypt. A message was written on the postcard in Mena Camp, 10 miles south of Cairo, Egypt, by Lance Corporal Percival Langford, 4th Light Horse Regiment, to Ethel, 26 March 1915. The postcard does not have a postmark.

Part of the Captain F. S. Laurie Collection.

Description of Content

A market comprised of tents, crates, and stalls in the open-air, with buildings and trees in the background. Men, women and children are seen walking between stalls and under the shade of tents.

Physical Description

A postcard consisting of a rectangular sheet of card with a black and white photograph printed on the obverse. Printed text and lines, as well as handwritten text appears in black ink on the reverse. The postcard is discoloured and soiled. There is a brown stain and white marks on the obverse, and the corners of the postcard are worn.

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