Alternative Name(s): Harmonica

A miniature mouth organ, otherwise known as a harmonica, with a leather case and strap. Inscribed with the name 'Lord'. Identified as a a souvenir from World War I, but the date has not been independently verified.

Physical Description

Miniature harmonica consisting of a timber comb, metal reed plates and metal coverplates. Engraved text appears on the cover plates on the obverse and reverse. There is a metal eyelet attached at the end of the mouth organ. The case for the mouth organ is made of a metal frame and a piece of leather which folds over the top of of the harmonica and is secured by a buttonhole. A leather strap with a metal buckle and a metal eyelet is attached to the case. The harmonica is soiled, dented, tarnished and has rust on some parts. The leather case is soiled. The leather is worn and the metal parts are tarnished. There is a green patina on parts of the metal frame, eyelet and some patina has rubbed onto the leather strap. Tape is wound around the buckle on the leather strap.

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