Membership card for the Kyoto Educational Society in Japan to which Setsutaro Hasegawa belonged. He had been a teacher in Japan, before he migrated to Australia in 1897 at the age of 29. Just four years before the introduction of the Immigration Restriction Act which virtually banned immigration to Australia from Asia. The side with red ink refers to Kyoto Educational Society Membership; reverse side (black ink only): 'Setsutaro Hasegawa kun', 'kun' being an informal term of address suggesting who ever wrote it was older than Setsutaro and knew him well.

He established a laundry business in Geelong and by 1910 he had married an Australian-born woman and had several children. In 1941 Setsutaro was interned at Tatura as an enemy alien, he was over 70 years old. Released early in 1943 due to his age and poor health, unlike most Japanese interns he was not deported to Japan after the War. Setsutaro remained in Geelong for the rest of his life.

Physical Description

Small card with Japanese characters in black on both sides. There is a red stamp on one side.

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