Certificate of Discharge issued to Leo (Leonard Takeshi) Hasegawa upon the completion of his service in 1960. It records his early citizen and interim army service, from 1941-1948, his date of enlistment 1 July 1948, his posting as Clerk of Works (Construction) from 1948-1960, his qualifications, carpenter and joiner, and his date of discharge 30 June 1960 in Sydney.

Leo was born in 1906 in Geelong. The son of Japanese migrant Setsutaro Hasegawa, who arrived in Australia in 1897, and Australian-born Ada Cole. Leo married Edna Ida Gladys Jorgensen in 1929. Leo successfully petitioned for his father's early release from Tatura in 1943, after he was interned as an enemy alien in 1941, following the outbreak of war with Japan.

Physical Description

Brown hard cover certificate. Inside cover is a sheet attached to right hand side with details regarding Leo Hasegawa and his military record. It outlines his dates of enlistment and discharge, posting, qualifications, previous army service, decoration and medals, employment and character remarks.

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