Letter addressed to Setsutaro Hasegawa from the Japanese Consulate in Melbourne, dated 6 July 1903. Setsutaro migrated to Australia in 1897 at the age of 29. This was just four years before the introduction of the Immigration Restriction Act which virtually banned immigration to Australia from Asia.

Setsutaro worked as a houseboy in Melbourne before establishing a laundry business in Geelong. In 1905 he married Australian-born Ada Cole with whom he had several children. In 1941 Setsutaro was interned at Tatura as an enemy alien, he was over 70 years old. He was released at the end of World War II, and unlike most Japanese interns he was not deported. Setsutaro returned to Geelong where he remained for the rest of his life.

Physical Description

Single paper sheet with lines for writing bordered by a double red line. It has been folded three times. There is a a round stamp with a central floral design in top left corner of the letter and extensive text in Japanese, written in black ink.

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