Lantern Slide with the song lyrics for 'Shabby Old Cabby' Part 2. Published by J. Albert & Son, Sydney & Melbourne.

Used by Mr Jack Hayward an entertainer who held community concerts in Sydney suburbs and in Geelong from about 1928 (Lakemba, NSW) to 1939 (Geelong) and then in Geelong for a few years after World War Two. "Community Singing As It Should Be" was a feature of these concerts, which also included other musical items. Community Concerts were held at the Hall of Honour, Yarra Street, Geelong on weekend evenings; his son suggested they continued until the advent of television in 1956. Many of the slides Jack used for the concerts were imported. Mr Hayward was a member of the Royal Navy before he migrated to Australia; he joined the Australian Navy during World War Two.

Description of Content

Lyrics to song 'Shabby Old Cabby' Part 2.

Physical Description

Standard format (3¼ x 3¼ inch square) black & white lantern slide, bound with black tape. Small piece of cream coloured tape upper left.

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