This preliminary sketch of a water efficent, drought tolerant domestic garden design; hand drafted by Wendy van Dok in 1999. The plan was produced by Wendy during her participation in a landscape design course at Holmesglen TAFE in 1998 and 1999. The donor used this plan for the redesign of her own garden. Wendy van Dok's gardem was featured in the Museum's 'Water Smart Home project'.

Description of Content

This preliminary sketch was hand drafted by the donor in 1999. It is a landscape plan for her own water efficient garden. The plan was produced during the donor's participation in a landscape design course at Holmesglen TAFE in 1998 and 1999. The draft plan depicts a water efficient drought sensitive domestic garden landscape. The donor then saw the plan through to implantation and the garden was created at her home.

Physical Description

Paper based A3 sized plan. Hand drawn plan comprising images and annotations. Coloured pencil and ink.


This landscape garden plan is practical and personal response to water scarcity and its impact on Australian gardens and their cultural value. The donor's plan highlights how an awareness of environmental concerns and issues can be reflected in landscape design. The plan is historically significant in that it is representative of the value of gardens in Australian culture and how this has had to be rethought and renegotiated in light of increasing water scarcity. The plan is hand drafted which is also significant as the majority of this type of landscape planning and design is now computer aided.

After the completion of this plan and its practical implementation the donor established a landscape design business called Water Efficient Garden Scapes. The business was in operation for approximately five years. The water sensitive landscape design business was motivated by a desire to reconnect people to nature in an urban context and to bring wildlife back into urban gardens. This plan was the donor's first water sensitive garden and is significant as it also represents the beginning of her commercial venture.

This landscape garden plan is extremely applicable to the Water Smart Home Project and broader issues of sustainability. The plan is directly connected to a story featured on the Water Smart Home website. It is also representative of responses to environmental issues and to water conservation in a domestic context.

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