Black and white photograph of the pumps and piping associated with the Boiler Hall feed-water plant in the Power House (Building 11) of the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd Coburg factory complex during the construction phase late 1960. The purpose of this feed-water plant was to de-mineralise water from the adjacent tank farm and ensure that any dissolved oxygen was removed from the water before it entered the boiler tubes. This minimised oxidisation (potential rust) and scaling in the equipment. The two pumps and their interconnected piping provided backup in the event one pump failed or required servicing.

This photograph is part of the Kodak collection of products, promotional materials, photographs and working life artefacts collected from Kodak Australasia in 2005, when the Melbourne manufacturing plant at Coburg closed down.

Description of Content

View of pipes, valves and pumps.

Physical Description

Black and white photograph, landscape format.

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