Music stand used by members of Ugo Ceresoli's Mokambo Orchestra during the 1950s. The Latin-American band Mokambo was formed by Italian-born brothers Ugo and Bruno Ceresoli in the early 1950s. The band, consisting primarily of Italian-born performers, performed at dances and receptions around Melbourne for over thirty years.

Physical Description

Wooden music stand in curved vertical 'wave' shape. It has a flat base with a piece of timber which swivels out to form a cross base support for stand. At the rear is a sheet music rest with hinged flap that lifts and a piece of hinged timber that comes down to rest in one of a series of 3 slots to support whole music rest in angled positions. The whole stand is painted white with 'Mokambo' inscribed across the front in black paint and a female figure in flamenco costume and head dress outlined in black on a red background.


These music stands are rare examples of material culture from music band ensemble activity which tend to be ephemeral and not survive. They enable the representation of diverse popular performance in Melbourne in the 1950s and 1960s, particularly significant for the culturally-specific composition of the band members, yet broad popular appeal of the style of music. The stands also represent the importance of dance and music events as ways to bring communities together.

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