This image was taken by Archibald James Campbell during a trip to the interior of the Riverina in September 1894. Campbell, a well-known naturalist and ornithologist, was one of the first in Australia to employ nature photography in recording his fieldwork. At this time the Murray and Goulburn Rivers were in peak flood and the trip was to take images for his major publication 'Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds' (1900). Here he captures the process of retrieving a nest high in a flooded tree by fellow naturalist, Sid Jackson. The wooden ladder is only just visible at the base of the tree. This is one of a series of images which was also used for an illustrated lecture at the Working Men's College in 1899 entitled 'Reminiscences of the Riverina.'

This glass lantern slide is one of many forming the A.J. Campbell Collection held by Museum Victoria.

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Robbing a birds nest high in a tree

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