Two-part brown wicker travel basket, which was brought to Australia by Margaret Henderson Miller (1825-1925), when she migrated with her husband James (1815-1892), daughter Martha (1853-1930) and family from Scotland in 1872. The basket has been passed down through the Miller family generations to James and Margaret Miller's great grandson Mick Miller.

In 1876 Martha Miller married Scottish migrant David Yuile (1849-1889). Samuel Henderson (Margaret Henderson Miller's brother) was David Yuile's older cousin. Samuel owned Myrtlebank, a property in Footscray on the Maribyrnong River which ran a piggery. David had lived and worked at Myrtlebank for a few months after arriving in Melbourne in 1873, and the Miller's also resided as house guests at Myrtlebank for extended periods.

Physical Description

Wicker travel basket consisting of two parts. The base container is rectangular in shape with rounded, reinforced leather corners. The top container fits over the top of the base, creating an enclosed container. It too has rounded, reinforced leather corners. Both ends of the outer container have the initial 'M' is painted over the wicker surface.

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