Bamboo gentleman's walking stick carved with insects, snails and butterflies, manufactured in Japan in the early Meiji period (1868-1880).

Walking sticks and canes were exhibited at the Melbourne International Exhibition in Class 37, Hosiery and Underclothing, and Accessories of Clothing, by the manufacturers K. Araki, from Wakasa Province (now part of Fukui Prefecture), and G. Tsuji from Ohmi (Omi) Province (now Shiga Prefecture).

As both Fukui and Shiga are neighbouring prefectures, if this walking stick was exhibited by either Araki or Tsuji, it would most likely have been produced in the Chubu region, on Japan's main, and largest, island of Honshu.

Physical Description

Carved wooden gentleman's walking stick. Organic design. Resembling a branch, its slender proportions are carved with a profusion of insects, snails and butterflies. A metal shoe on foot. No markings.

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